Aktyor: Zo In-sung (Zo In-sung)

Tug'ilgan yili: 1981-07-28

Tug'ilgan joyi:


Zo In-sung (조 인성 Jo In-seong) is a renowned South Korean actor widely known for his role in the television series What Happened in Bali and That Winter, The Wind Blows, and in movies like The Classic and A Frozen Flower.

From starting his career in modeling, to winning numerous awards for contributing to the movie and television industry through remarkable acting performances, he has achieved quite a lot. He was awarded Best Young Actor at the 14th KBS Drama Awards for his debut TV series.

As a model and a style icon, he has received recognition in the form of honors such as Good Model Award, Fashion Idol of the Year, and Style Icon of the Year. He has also appeared in various music videos including "Sad Love", "Fool", and "Love" for South Korean pop music artists and bands.

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