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Mark Samual Bonanno is best known for his general silliness within comedy troupe Aunty Donna, one of Australia's biggest comedic acts who have garnered a huge international audience both live and online.

Since studying Acting at the University of Ballarat Arts Academy, Mark's work has won and been nominated for numerous awards, including the Helpmann Award for Best Comedy in 2017, Best of The Fest at Sydney Comedy Festival in 2018, and across the last few years, Best Supporting Actor, Best Ensemble and Best Comedy Web Series at the Melbourne International Web Festival.

Mark's work directing Demi Lardner's 2017 and 2018 stage shows also saw award attention, winning both the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Director's Choice Award and Pinder Prize in their respective years.

In 2020, Mark has co-written/created the six part sitcom Why Are You Like This, which will be coming to the ABC (Australia).

Mark also live streams weekly on Twitch under the name VeryPoliteGamer.

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