Aktrisa: María Botto (María Botto)

Tug'ilgan yili: 1974-02-10

Tug'ilgan joyi: Buenos Aires, Argentina


María Florencia Botto Rota is an Argentinean-Spanish actress. In 1978, she moved to Spain with her mother Cristina Rota and her brother Juan Diego Botto, also actors.

She made her feature film debut at age 10, with a performance in Los motivos de Berta. On television, she had recurring roles as Sophia Moreno on Mad Dogs (2015), and as Ava Pereira, Javier's sister (Javier is portrayed by her brother, actor Juan Diego Botto), on the TNT drama series Good Behavior. She portrayed Lala Cruz in the film My Life in Ruins (2009).

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