Aktyor: Ramin Razmjoo (Ramin Razmjoo)

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In an intimate interview, Ramin Razmjoo, the new rising Iranian Artist opens up about his private life and states like this: he says; he has experienced many ups and downs throughout his personal life His close friends say although he has not passed any official psychology courses, Yet he has enormous education and thoughts in this topic. You will find the reason as you read on. Ramin Razmjoo spent nearly four years of his life in prison. Out of which one whole year was spent in solitary confinement, absolutely deprived from any appointments, phone calls and/or the fresh air! During this time, He became incredibly close to mysticism and theology! He says he felt and expirenced many strange and different emotional experiences. He says he reached to a point where he actually felt the End of The World! Later in the jail, He had About 5 good friends from different nationalities, all with crimes, people from old to young, European, American, Asian and Africans, even from ISIL to Russian mafia groups, and all lived togather in their cell. Finally, this was a summary of Ramin Razmjoo's life.