Aktyor: Ahmad Fahmy (Ahmad Fahmy)

Tug'ilgan yili: 1980-11-06

Tug'ilgan joyi: Cairo, Egypt


Satirical writer and actor, Ahmed Fahmy, graduated with a degree in political science and economics. He began his career in acting as an amateur in an independent film group called "Tamr Hendy" during his college years. Tamr Hendy produced many satirical films, among the most famous "Regal la Ta3rif Elmostaheel" a parody of the Egyptian movie "Eltareeq Ila Ilat" which quickly spread on the internet and was screened in many local cafes. "Regal la Ta3rif Elmostaheel" captured the interest of writer Mohamed Hefzy, who was making the transition into movie production at the time. After meeting with Fahmy, Hefzy decided to produce his work "Affiche we Tashbeeh," a TV series that makes fun of various Egyptian films in each episode. Later on, Hefzy would produce Fahmy's movie "Waraqit Shafra" which Fahmy wrote and acted in, along side his Tamr Hendy colleagues and long time friends Hisham Maged and Chico. All 3 actors won the critic's choice award in 2003 for Best New Actors. Fahmy also wrote the screenplay for "Keda Reda" starring Ahmed Hilmy, as well as "Sameer, Shaheer, & Baheer" in which the Tamr Hendy trio costarred once again.

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